Imad Hamdi exposes his fourth wife, Nadia Al-Jundi, in his memoirs.. What he revealed shocked everyone1


Iris Nazmi, the writer of the memoirs of the late artist Imad Hamdi, said that the first meeting between him and the Egyptian artist Nadia El-Gendy was in the movie “A Wife from the Street”, and the film was starring Hoda Sultan and Kamal El-Shennawy.

Imad Hamdi expressed his admiration for her at the time, saying: “She was young, beautiful and all energetic, and Imad Hamdi had been celibate for 6 years after his separation from the artist Shadia, and he did not skimp on her with his advice and guidance during the filming of the film and after its completion he married her in 1961.

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p dir=”RTL”>He gave birth to Imad Hamdi, including his son Hisham, and the age difference between them was 20 years, and because of his love for her and because she was ambitious, he produced for her the review movie “Bumblebee Bulb”, and it was directed by Hassan Al Imam. The movie was in her name and he agreed with her to take a percentage of the revenues. The movie was a great success, and she refused to give him any amount of his revenues and took it all in addition to his 9-room apartment in Zamalek, where two apartments were joined together.

The late artist had established the apartment with the finest furniture and antiques, and after many disputes between them and after 13 years of marriage, he had to divorce her, and Hamdi confirmed that they separated before this date due to the many differences between them, and he had to live with his ex-wife, Fathia Sharif, and their son Nader and his children in a modest apartment consisting of Two rooms, but she did not leave him alone, and she was raising problems with him and threatening him that she could take over that apartment as well, and she was raising disputes between her and her son Hisham and his brother Nader and enmity between them.

At the end of his life, the artist Imad Hamdi lived depressed and sad after he lost everything. Even the writer Iris Nazmi, who wrote his memoirs, confirms that she did not find a table in his apartment to put the recorder on it to record his memoirs, and when she asked him to demolish his picture a little for the necessity of photography, he removed his hand to it He didn’t care, and he died in agony after a busy life and a long artistic career on January 28, 1984.

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