Imad Miteb: The draw for the League Cup is not directed… and there are those who attack us because of their ignorance


Imad Miteb, the former Al-Ahly star and vice president of the Clubs Association, confirmed that there are those who attack the Professional Clubs Association because of his ignorance and lack of knowledge of matters, and the lottery is not directed to any club.

Imad Miteb said during an intervention with Islam Al-Shater on the “Big House” program broadcast on Al-Ahly channel: “We succeeded, with the help of state agencies, in returning the public to the stadiums, and we paid special attention to filming the matches in a manner befitting the Egyptian League.”

And the vice-president of the association added: “If we knew the date of the Club World Cup, the African Super Cup and the African Nations, we would have set the league schedule completely with dates, but we did not know that, and we created a new tournament that does not cost the clubs any money, on the contrary, it brings them money.”

And Mutaib continued: “I tell everyone who attacks us because of the League Cup draw that it is directed. A classification has been set for the clubs in the last season, so we put Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Pyramids at the top of the groups, and we removed the teams that play on the same stadium in the same group so that the championship continues, and our goal is to help the clubs financially and technically.”

He explained: “The League Cup is a championship that was created to increase the income of the clubs, and a message to the ignorant. The League Cup draw is not directed and was based on the classification of the last season.”


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