In shameful terms, a South African minister calls on schoolgirls not to have sex early


In shameful terms, a South African minister calls on schoolgirls not to have sex early


South Africas regional health minister has faced sharp criticism after she called on schoolgirls to open books and not have early sex.

“Open your books, close your legs. Don’t open your legs, open your books… Thank you very much but,” Limpopo Health Minister Vuvi Ramathuba said during a visit to a secondary school in an effort to encourage abstinence and reduce teenage pregnancy rates.

Ramathupa also noted that “older men are tempted by girls to use luxuries such as expensive wigs and smartphones.”

The comments sparked criticism after a video clip of the speech was posted on social media, where many activists commented negatively on these statements and questioned the reasons why it was directed only to girls and not to young men.

Opposition politician Siphiwe Jawarubi called Ramathupas statement “extremely problematic”, adding on Twitter: “This was an opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with these educated people about consent…and instead put the blame on the victim. Putting undue pressure on the girls. “.

Ramuthuba defended her statement, saying in an interview with TimesLIVE It was intended for boys as well, for both sexes, and for all members of society.

She added that her constituents in Limpopo “appreciated the message,” and added, “They were saying they were afraid to say these things and they thanked me for calling a spade a spade.”

Government statistics indicate that nearly 33,400 girls under the age of 17 gave birth in South Africa in 2020.

Save the Children says the lack of access to comprehensive sexuality education as well as affordable and adequate health services are major factors contributing to teenage pregnancy in South Africa.

Source: TimesLIVE

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