In the memory of Ahmed Khalil .. He married Suhair Al-Babli and Laila Alawi. She said, “If I had met him early, I would have married him.”


Today marks the first anniversary of the birthday of the great artist Ahmed Khalil after his departure. He is an artist who has fingerprints in all the works he presented, whether in television or theatre. He was born in Dakahlia Governorate, and joined the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, acting department, to graduate in 1965.

Ahmed Khalil was appointed as a teaching assistant at the institute and joined the Jeep Theater, to play in 9 plays, such as: (Ya Tali’ al-Shajara), (Yassin and Bahia), and (Love Under Guard), until the Jeep Theater was canceled, to present three films, they are (3 Faces of Love), and (Wildflowers), and (Meeting).

In the seventies he married the artist Suhair Al-Babli, and the marriage did not last long. He affirmed that he holds her with utmost respect and appreciation.

In a humorous way, the star, Laila Elwi, said in one of the television interviews, “If I had met you soon enough, I would have married you,” because of his upscale handling of everything.

He traveled to the Gulf to work there, then returned again to acting and presented the series (Al Saqia Tawaru), and he became famous for the series (Hawanem Garden City), (The Morning and Evening Hadith), and (Zaman Imad Al-Din).

The artist Ahmed Khalil died on the morning of last November 9, at the age of 80, affected by his infection with the Corona virus, as he was infected in the last days of filming the story “My Story with Time” from the series “Except I”, which is shown on the dmc channel, and he was transferred to the hospital after his health deteriorated. Until he died there.


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