In the video, the hunter became prey during a “sudden attack”


Leszek Kamensky, carrying a hunting weapon, was with others on a hunting expedition in the woods near Chelim, southeast Poland.

The video showed Leszek extending his rifle towards the bushes in the forest, and suddenly a deer appeared, rushing towards the hunt, before hitting him in the left eye with its harsh horns.

In other photos after the attack, the hunter Bleeding from his eye as blood spots spread over Venice which he possessed and the land on which he was standing.

Lesek’s hunting companions were taken to the hospital for treatment, where he underwent a complex operation in his eye and head.

A blogger on a fishing website wrote that the fisherman could have avoided that attack if he had moved left.

He said that hunting should remember that an animal, whatever its size, would attack if it felt threatened, as in the case of the deer, which posed a great threat to the hunter.

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