In the video, waves of the sea storm Tongas homes and a “tsunami” warning is issued.


The meteorological service reported in Tonga The tsunami warning has been implemented across the country.

Tonga is located in OceaniaIt is an archipelago of 176 islands in the South Pacific Ocean Hawaiian Islands AndNew Zealand.

Saturday’s eruption was the latest in a series of massive eruptions at the Hongga Tonga Hung Hapai volcano under the sea.

Scientists said that they noticed Huge explosions Thunder and lightning near the place of the volcano, whose eruption began on Saturday.

According to reports, a column of ash rose from the site of the eruption, 3 miles wide and 12 miles high.

And a tweeter who published a video clip documenting the moments when the sea waves stormed the island of Tonga said that the eruption of the volcano could be heard, and it seemed very violent.

The video shows the water sweeping the property on the beach.

And more than 2,300 kilometers away in New Zealand, officials warned of severe waves as a result of the eruption of the volcano.

The National Emergency Management Agency said some parts of New Zealand could expect “strong, unusual currents and unexpected eruptions ashore after a major volcanic eruption”.

It is noteworthy that the Tonga archipelago is located in the Ring of Fire, a region in the Pacific Ocean famous for the presence of earthquakes and active volcanoes, and is responsible for 90 percent of the world’s earthquakes.

It is reported that in 2014, volcanic activity under the sea led to the formation of the northern island of Tonga, which is now home to plants and many birds.

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