Insurance calls on blue card holders to change them near the end of their validity


The National Social Insurance Authority announced the completion of a plan to transfer the authority’s plastic pension exchange cards blue card Due to its near expiry date, it will be available for free Mezza cards, as part of the transformation plan for financial inclusion under the auspices of the Central Bank. .

Major General Gamal Awad, head of the authority, indicated that the person who pays the “blue cards” can go to the nearest insurance office from the place of residence with the original national number card and a photocopy of it with the mobile phone number written on it to receive an advantage card without bearing any financial burdens, and they can also go to any A branch of banks operating in Egypt, opening a current account, and providing the relevant insurance office with a letter from the bank to transfer the pension .

And he continued that to increase the outlets for disbursing insurance benefits, the blue card holders can go to any branch of the mobile phone companies to submit a request to open an electronic wallet through the personal phone number to transfer all insurance benefits to the phone number. .

Awad added that those responsible for disbursing the blue authority cards were divided according to numerical densities, as the targeted governorates were divided into three phases, including the first phase, which starts from this month and for a period of three months ending in March 2022. Eleven governorates are “Suez – Ismailia – Port Said – North Sinai – South Sinai – Red Sea – Marsa Matrouh – New Valley – Luxor – Aswan ” .

As for the second phase, Awad explained that it starts from January 2022 and for a period of four months until the end of April 2022, and includes eight governorates, which are “Kafr El-Sheikh – Damietta – Menoufia – Qalyubia – Fayoum – Beni Suef – Minya – Qena.” The rest of the governorates at the level of the Republic have the opportunity for a period of 5 months to receive a free advantage card from the nearest insurance office during the period from the current month until the end of May 2022 .

The head of the authority stressed that the blue cards will remain valid until their expiry during the periods specified in each stage, and they will not be delivered to insurance offices. .

The head of the authority calls on our families of those in charge of the exchange not to crowd the insurance offices and to take all precautionary measures to prevent the dangers of infection with the emerging corona virus, especially that the process of delivering the card will not take more than three minutes with the continuation of work in all insurance offices without linking to the official working hours and the workers not leaving except After the last client inside the office gets all his services .

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