Intense activity of the electronic Brotherhood battalions.. Egypt is standing by


In the details, the Egyptian source explained to “Sky News Arabia”, that the authorities monitored several pages viaSocial Media exploit it Brotherhood To promote their hostile ideas, in conjunction with various occasions during the last three months.

He said that these pages are hidden under social and entertainment names, but they are active from time to time to spread toxic ideas targeting citizens to inflame feelings and create chaos.

The source pointed out that the majority of these pages are run from outside the country, and are intensively active to shed light on a specific event with the aim of creating confusion, stressing that the Egyptian authorities are dealing with the utmost vigilance with these plans, and direct continuous preemptive strikes to blow up these plans and besiege the activity of the terrorist organization.

assassination tool

For his part, the Egyptian researcher specializing in political Islam and terrorism, Munir Adib, said: “The electronic battalions are one of the evidence that confirms the extremism of religious organizations and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular, pointing out that all of these organizations have armed arms that play their role in the system of violence and the liquidation of opponents, and targeting National institutions in countries, as well as they have electronic battalions that practice the process of distortion and targeting of opponents, what we can call moral assassination.

In a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, Adeeb explains that the process of moral assassination, spreading rumors and inciting chaos are tasks in the context of the terrorist group’s employment of all its tools in its war against countries and people.

He explained that the Brotherhood has thousands of electronic battalions, which are used in moral assassination and liquidation of opponents on an ongoing basis, and are active at specific times.

Adeeb indicated that when the group fails to reach a person it wants to liquidate or assassinate through its armed battalions, it resorts to its electronic counterpart, noting that some of these battalions may become active after the death of the person with the aim of revenge, as is the case with the late journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi, saying: “When the journalist was alive, they failed to target him thanks to the efforts of the security authorities, and they also failed to assassinate him morally, so they wanted to achieve that after his death.”

How are the electronic battalions managed and who finances them?

According to Adeeb, the Brotherhood’s electronic battalions are currently run under the supervision of the acting Brotherhood guide Ibrahim Mounir, and most of them are located in London and some European capitals.

A member of the organization receives about 3000 to 4000 dollars a month as a salary to work on these platforms that collect information from the press, radio and television programs and falsify facts, according to Adib, who said that the most critical of the organization are chosen from public figures, politicians and writers, and campaigns are launched to criticize and distort them.

These battalions, according to Adeeb, also undertake the process of fabricating news and leading campaigns through the Brotherhood’s websites; To falsify the facts and incite citizens against the state, stressing that Egypt has succeeded in dealing with these tricks and confronting them firmly, over the past years.

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