Ismail Yassin “divorced his wife Baltlath” on the honeymoon .. The reason is unexpected!


The late artist Ismail Yassin, one of the most famous comedians in Egypt, called him “Abu Dhakah Janan” because of the beauty and distinction of his laughter and his drawing on the face and faces of the viewers, whatever the psychological state he is going through.

But this laughter and talent was born out of the womb of suffering, “Reputation” who came from Suez to Cairo with a love of art that melted in it and fused with it until it became an integral part of it.

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p dir=”RTL”> Ismail moved between more than one casino at first, until he decided to break into the field of cinema, in which he participated in acting and production, while films were produced for him in his name in a phenomenon that was repeated by him only once with the great artist Laila Mourad.

By 1961, the lights began to recede from Ismail Yassin, and after he presented ten films in one year or more, the number decreased to one or two films at the most, and analysts at that period attributed that phenomenon to more than one reason, foremost of which is the dependence of the great comedian on Only one author is his close friend Abu Al-Saudi Al-Abyari, which made him present repetitive ideas and forms without any renewal.

At one point in his life, Ismail married the monologist Souad Wagdy, and he admitted that he had fallen in love with her at first sight, and when he approached her in marriage, she did not hesitate and agreed immediately.

Although the first days passed happy for Ismail and his wife, he decided to divorce her with three after he discovered that she was cheating on him on the honeymoon, and revealed the “reputation” of his wife’s betrayal when she asked him once, to go on a quick visit to see her father, but one of his friends called him and said She does not go to her father, but to one of the men in his house, and indeed he went there and found her in a disgraceful situation and discovered her betrayal, so he decided to divorce her “by three”.

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