Israeli court issues first verdict on Jewish mob attack on Palestinian


Israeli court issues first verdict on Jewish mob attack on Palestinian

Traces of an attack by settlers against Palestinians – archive

An Israeli court has sentenced an Israeli to one year in prison for his involvement in the attack by a Jewish mob on a Palestinian who was driving during a wave of violence that erupted last year.

The court convicted 21-year-old Lahav Ngoker of inciting violence and racism, as part of a deal with prosecutors that resulted in lighter charges being brought against him.

The ruling against him is the first of its kind in the incident that occurred last May, when a mob pulled Saeed Musa from his car in the Bat Yam suburb, Tel Aviv, and proceeded to beat him and knocked him to the ground, seriously injuring him.

The unprovoked assault on Musa was broadcast live, and in an interview moments after the attack, Ngoker told a reporter, “We came tonight to fight against the Arabs…if we must kill them.”

In addition to imprisonment, the court also ordered Ngoker (one of 10 people charged) to pay 2,000 shekels ($645) to a restaurant damaged in the unrest.

The attack took place while Israel launched an 11-day attack on Hamas activists in the Gaza Strip, which sparked an unprecedented wave of Israeli-Palestinian violence in all cities.

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A group of masked settlers attack the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and smash the windows of Palestinian cars (video)

It is noteworthy that an Israeli court had earlier sentenced a Palestinian-American to life imprisonment after being accused of committing a deadly attack targeting Israelis in the occupied West Bank.

Israel says that Montaser Shalabi, 44, carried out a drive-by shooting last May, killing an Israeli student and wounding two others.

Shalabi was arrested days after the attack, and Israeli forces demolished his home weeks later. The court also demanded that Shalaby pay 2.5 million shekels ($800,000) in compensation.

Source: “The Associated Press”

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