Ito on manipulating the result of swabs: “K” is responsible


Samuel Etoo, president of the Cameroon Football Association, responded to the recent rumors of manipulating the result of the smears related to the match between Cameroon and Comoros, in the round of 16 of the African Nations Cup.

Cameroon qualified for the quarter-finals of the African Nations Cup after defeating Comoros (2-1).

“The events of the past few hours have prompted us to speak out to clarify the baseless facts that have unfortunately been revealed by the press, but first of all, I would like to express on behalf of my colleagues on the Executive Committee and the football family,” Ito said in comments on Canal Plus. In all, our condolences and sorrow from the Cameroon Football Federation, after the deadly stampede that occurred yesterday at one of the entrances to an Olympic stadium, I have a deep thought towards the families of our compatriots who lost their lives when they came to the stadium with joy in their hearts to support our brave and indomitable lions, I wish a speedy recovery to the injured who were admitted to hospitals.

He added: “All that is said about the match between Cameroon against Comoros, Cameroon qualified with a 2-1 victory. The Comoros national team played this match with its goals, as a player was transferred for an emergency circumstance to a goalkeeper, and dozens of players have already been confirmed to be infected with the Corona virus, and there was Questions about the reliability of the coronavirus tests, I would like to remind you that the Confederation of African Football is the organizer of the competition and the only guarantor of compliance with the rules of the competition, it is up to them to clear up the misunderstanding that still exists.”

The head of the Cameroon Federation continued: “It is wise to remind the public that the Corona virus tests for the teams participating in the African Nations Cup are conducted by an independent company chosen by the Confederation of African Football, and the organizing country does not participate in the achievement of the mentioned tests, and it is not in any way related to the Contaminations that were detected and calculated within the participating teams.

Etoo concluded: “Cameroon is a wonderful country for football, it has won five titles and has 7 participations in the World Cup. Sydney Olympics, all this was achieved in complete transparency without cheating, thanks to the talent and fighting spirit of our brave and indomitable lions. Someone to trample on our hard-earned reputation on the football field.”


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