‘It’s just below us’…Deep-ocean terror possesses the crew of a British frigate




US media reported that a frigate of the British Navy and a submarine of the Russian Navy had entered into “close contact” that could have almost led to disaster.

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Newspaper claims that a Russian submarine and a British frigate collide in the Atlantic Ocean in 2020

And it quoted the British Ministry of Defense that the accident occurred in the North Atlantic Ocean at the end of 2020, adding that the British frigate was chasing an unidentified Russian submarine and hit it with the cut equipment.

And British media said, previously, that the British frigate “Northumberland” of the Royal Navy was patrolling 300 kilometers from the coast of Scotland at the end of 2020. It was carrying a filming team for “Channel 5” who was filming a documentary. About the daily life of military sailors.

At one point the camera spotted the telescope column and the communication antenna of the submarine, which appeared from under the water. An alert was announced on board the British frigate, as the unknown submarine was heading parallel to it. In the video, I heard the words of the frigate captain: “If they appear on the surface and the crew goes out, we can see their faces in detail.”

And then the submarine disappeared under the water. A Merlin anti-submarine helicopter took off in the sky, but saw nothing. It later turned out that the submarine had made a sharp maneuver while escaping from pursuit, thus crushing the severed antenna of the frigate’s sonar complex.

The authorities of Western countries do not usually comment on such incidents, but this time a video of the incident was taken. The British Ministry of Defense was forced to acknowledge the occurrence of the accident, which led to the return of the frigate to its port before the appointed time. Journalists believe that it is possible that the submarine was also damaged in the accident, but the Russian Defense Ministry did not provide any information in this regard.

Source: RIA Novosti

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