Jihan Shamasherji to Al Arabiya.net: “Room 207” terrified me


She entered art two years ago, specifically with the series “The Game of Oblivion” in 2020, through Noras character, but she managed to calmly chart her way into the art world, after working for many years in a parallel field.

At the beginning of her artistic career, she was interested in handicrafts, specialized in jewelry design, and launched her own brand after studying English literature at the university. The American University.. It is Jihan Shamasherji, who participated in 4 dramas during 2021, the last of which was the 45 rules of divorce, which revealed its details in an exclusive interview with Al Arabiya.net.

Tell us about your character that you present through the series?

I embody the role of the jealous married Lubna in “The 45 Rules of Divorce”, a tense and exaggeratedly jealous character for her fear of her husband’s betrayal or that he will leave her and marry another, a feeling of insecurity within her even though she married for love, which led to the collapse of the relationship. My nomination came through the director Mustafa Abu Seif. I worked with him in the series “Hekayat Banat” and was happy to work with him, and I was very excited after reading the script, and I was very excited about the character, because it is different and has its motives.

How did you prepare for the role?

I recalled some of the situations that I witnessed in her life of personalities close to Lubnas, and I also recalled situations that happened to me personally, and not only that, but I was making a history of the character, and I wrote the motives that made me justify what Lubna was doing, and I put a picture of her relationship with her family, and the relationships that she entered into. And the effect on her, and all the things that made her reach this point of tension and jealousy. I imagined that the character suffers from low self-esteem and does not feel safe, which made her lack security in her relationship with her husband, she feels constant fear, and they also suffer from a lack of communication, all so that I am inside the character in its details, and this is far from the work scenario, and this is what I consider it a form of studying to embody oneself.

Were you afraid of the character? Have you seen the foreign version of the work?

I was afraid of the effect of “Lubna” on me after the end of filming, especially as she is a “naked” character and completely different from my nature, so I was doing some psychological exercises that would make me calmer, and return to my nature quickly, especially after presenting some difficult scenes that I was greatly affected by, including a scene Lubnas confrontation with her husband and his confession of his betrayal of her. They were not difficult scenes, but they were more influential. I also did not watch the foreign version of the series and I was afraid of the “Egyptianization” of a foreign work, but after reading the script, my fear disappeared.

And how did you find the audience’s reaction to Lubna’s character with the show?

I received very positive feedback, and people saw that I presented a different color to my character and that made me happy.

What do you think of the works presented on the platforms?

The platforms opened new doors and provided a great opportunity for young people to work, and the works in them became diversified and different, and this is better than limiting the works to one month, and increasing the production of artworks leads to the flourishing of the art industry in general.

What about the series “Room 207”?

The series was directed by Tamer Ashry and is currently directed by Muhammad Bakir, but the change of director did not affect the work team or the method of filming, especially since Muhammad Bakr is a great director and has a distinctive imprint in any work he presents, and the work is different and the series team as a whole prevails among him “Kimia” of a type Special will appear on the screen at the time of its presentation.

The series is a horror series, and the work in it is beautiful and enjoyable, and most of my viewers in it bring me together with the artist Mohamed Farraj, who is my favorite actor, and I told him about that in our first interview. To meet again, and I loved the ’60s’ outfit and decor.

But will horror at work be implemented in a powerful way?

We have very strong people in executing horror scenes, and using the necessary effects to get the work out in the best way, and in this work I will talk about myself, the effects that were put on my face made me terrified of my appearance, and I was looking at my real picture in my mobile phone, and reminding myself that my true form He is on the phone, and I hope the work will be liked by the audience.

What about the new?

I finished filming most of the scenes of the movie “Cairo Makkah” and filming in the street is what worries me the most because I embody the character of “an outlaw whore”, as it is a different and new character from what was presented before, and it also helps the character presented by Mona Zaki in her journey through the events of the film Which co-starred with Mohamed Mamdouh, Sherine Reda, Khaled El-Sawy, Mohamed Farraj and Mohamed Alaa, directed by Hani Khalifa and written by Mohamed Ragaa. In a few days, I will also start filming an Arabic series based on the story of the international drama series “My Crazey X Boyfriend”.


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