Josie brings me together with my wife during the relationship? An unexpected response from Heba Kotb


During her weekly meetings with the media, Amr El-Leithi, on his program “Bouduh”, which is broadcast on Al-Hayat satellite channel, Dr. Heba Kotb, a consultant in sexual medicine and family relations, discusses many issues and inquiries related to marital relations.

The discussions include many bold questions, which may be in the eyes of some outlandish or indecent, but they are discussed in a scientific framework, namely:

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1 – How do you know that your wife is a virgin?

One of Qutb’s followers sent a message to the program about how to know that the wife is still a virgin, noting that so far there is no 100% complete answer.

Qutb replied: “Our Lord, let us not know the full answer because of the veil, because when someone makes a mistake, our Lord conceals it, and because our Lord is just, there is no sure sign for the six, and there is no sure sign for the man, except for some sure signs that we all know.”

2 – Do I have a glutton for a relationship?

While some considered it to be showing the secrets of the bed on the air, Dr. Heba Kotb responded to a woman’s question, whether her desire to establish intimacy with her husband twice a day while her husband cannot do so is a disease or is it normal?

Qutb said: It is possible that the questioner suffers from bulimia, and if the wife has a psychological problem of bulimia, then it can be treated psychologically, or if the problem is functional, the spouses can be taught how to perform intimate relations in a way that satisfies both parties.

3 – I tell my wife, How do I want to sleep with her?

A young man who is about to get married asked Dr. Heba Kotb, which she was unable to answer, saying: “I am entering a passport for several days, and I do not know how to tell my wife how I want to have sex with her?”

Qutb replied, “I don’t know how to respond to him, instead of what she will marry you. I sure know that you will have sex with her.”

4- Do I accept intimacy with my spouse?

One of the women sent a letter to Dr. Heba Kotb, complaining about her husband’s desire to have a relationship with his second wife, threatening her with divorce if she refused.

Qutb replied, saying to her: “Do not accept, this is something forbidden, our Lord called it a legal retreat, and anything else, our Lord will hold you accountable for it.”

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