Khaled Abdel Ghaffar: Omicron is the most prevalent mutant in Egypt, and its symptoms are less severe


said the doctor Khaled Abdel GhaffarThe Minister of Higher Education and Acting Minister of Health, said that the whole world is witnessing an increase in the number of Corona injuries, and Egypt is among the countries that are witnessing an increase, indicating that this matter is not the measure by which the epidemiological situation is measured, and that the Omicron mutant spreads 4 or 5 times the mutant. other.

He added, during an intervention with the media, Amr Adib, during the “Al-Hekaya” program, which is broadcast on the “mbc Egypt” channel: “It is expected that within 3 weeks, the Corona mutator will be dominant in Europe and the world, and Egypt is also witnessing a rise in the number of infections with the Omicron mutated, which is the injury Mostly in Egypt, which is normal because over time Delta will be replaced by Omicron, and studies published so far say Omicron injuries are less severe.”

He said: “The most common symptoms for Omicron are colds, headache, pain when swallowing, and dryness in the throat, and there is a similarity between them and influenza, and the least common symptoms are coughing, some chest pains and high temperatures, and what we want to differentiate between it is the relationship between corona and influenza, because There is a lot of similarity between their symptoms.”

And he continued: “The same protocol used in the treatment of previous corona mutant, is used in the treatment of Omicron, especially since it treats symptoms only, and what we see in Egypt at times is that there is randomness in treatment, and we cannot say this matter has a scientific basis, but rest and eating foods And immunostimulating therapies are the basis of treatment.”

He said: “Scientific research has proven that vaccination helps overcome symptoms and not infection, and those who are not vaccinated are more likely to deteriorate their condition or need to be hospitalized, and Egypt has provided nearly 129 million doses of all kinds, and today we have reached the first dose of 36 million and the second of 24 million. The activation is half a million, and we have much more than that.”

He added: “If the whole world suffers from death rates and injuries, and research has said that the vaccine protects you from the deterioration of your condition, then seek to obtain the required doses, and even the stimulant dose that was opened for those who have passed 6 months, all of this reduces the severity of the disease and avoids deaths and entry Hospitals, and what made the death rates drop by 50% from what they were at the beginning of the pandemic, is vaccination and its provision, in addition to the use of approved masks, and there is a difference between scientifically approved masks, and unapproved masks that do not significantly protect against infection.

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