Kuwait .. A new development in the case of the torture of an officer by his colleagues by a “cooling room”


Kuwait..a new development in the case of the torture of an officer by his colleagues by

4 officers of different rank were arrested, as part of an investigation into a case of torturing an officer in the Ministry of Interior by placing him in a “cooling room” by members of the State Security apparatus in Kuwait.

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Kuwait... Dissolving any gathering and transferring its organization to the Public Prosecution, in implementation of anti-Corona measures

And the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announced that Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Ahmed Al-Mansour issued decisions to “stop 4 officers of different ranks, in line with the course of investigations conducted by the Public Prosecution, regarding the suspicion of abuse by some of its employees during the investigations.”

Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas had quoted sources on January 4, 2022, that “the Public Prosecution investigated elements of the (State Security) and charged them with kidnapping and torturing a leading officer in the Ministry of Interior.”

The sources told the newspaper that the defendants justified their torture of the officer as part of “followed military procedures”, and claimed that what they had done was done with the knowledge of leaders in the “service”.

These sources revealed that the accused put the officer for several days in a very cold “cold room”, and when “the officer collapsed physically, the accused rushed to take him to the hospital, after they discovered that the victim had already passed out from excessive cold.”

In their explanation of the detention of the officer in the cold room as mentioned, the defendants said that this officer “had important information that he refused to disclose.”

Al-Qabas quoted MP Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Saqabi that a parliamentary question was submitted to the Minister of Interior about what was circulated about “the state security apparatus kidnapping and torturing an officer, to force him to submit specific confessions to the security services.”

Al-Saqabi told the newspaper, “This shocking incident – if true – will require deterrent measures, and it is not acceptable to go unnoticed, so we are waiting for the Minister of Interior’s answer.”

In this context, the Kuwaiti MP said: “It came to my knowledge that the security services did not allow representatives of the Public Prosecution to enter to meet the officer, and we want to know all these matters.”

Source: Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior + Al-Qabas

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