Kuwait’s initiative on Lebanon..Does Beirut dare to implement it?


Recently, the relations between Lebanon And several Gulf countries, led by Saudi ArabiaCrisis due to offensive statements by the Minister of Information George Kordahi, ended with his resignation and a French initiative to resolve the crisis, which gave hopes of solving this crisis, conditional on stopping drug smuggling, non-interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries, and commitment to the policy of disassociation and restraint.HezbollahAmong his military participations in Arab countries, the most important of them in To whom.

Lebanon’s interest

After his meeting with the Lebanese President, Michel AounBou Habib said, in televised statements, that “the visit of Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Ahmed Al-Nasser Al-Sabah to Lebanon was prepared in complete secrecy by me, but the message he carried we were not aware of.”

He added that “Kuwait I took the initiative because we are in agreement with it, and it is loved and respected by all Lebanese parties, and also because Kuwait loves Lebanon and wants its return to the Switzerland of the East.

He stressed that the “Kuwaiti initiative” does not carry any conditions, but rather is in the interest of Lebanon and the Arabs, and is supported by the Arabs and internationally, pointing out that it “includes 12 items, and the most important thing that the Kuwaiti initiative carries is how to implement international resolutions.”

The Lebanese Minister suggested that President Michel Aoun would invite the Prime Minister, Najib Mikatiand the Speaker of Parliament, Nabih Berri, to agree on a response to the initiative, pointing out that Lebanon has 5 days to respond during the meeting of Arab foreign ministers, but there is no specific time to reach a full understanding.


The Lebanese journalist, Imad Seif El-Din, said that the initiative comes at the heart of the essence of the problems that Lebanon suffers from and outlines ways to recover and get out of the current impasse and return Lebanon to the Arab environment and the international community.

Seif El-Din added, to “Sky News Arabia”, that Kuwaiti initiative An opportunity to get Lebanon out of the state of collapse and end the state of Iranian dependence and tutelage, and then start the political, economic and social recovery.

He considered it a lifeline for Lebanon’s return to neutralizing itself from regional and international conflicts and straightening its relations with neighboring countries, especially the Gulf, and thus its reflection on the economic and social conditions that are heading toward the abyss.

He pointed out that the initiative received overwhelming support, but Hezbollah and its allies, who were a major reason for the relations to reach their state, will not allow the success of the Kuwaiti initiative, as they are the winners from Lebanon’s continued isolation.

Do you dare the authorities?

In turn, the advisor to the head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Elie Khoury, commented on the Kuwaiti initiative, stressing that it “almost is the voice of the Lebanese.”

Khoury added in a tweet via “Twitter”: “The suggestions conveyed by the Kuwaiti visitor were initiated by GCC It is almost the same as what the sovereign Lebanese demand.”

He continued, “It is abiding by Security Council resolutions, holding elections, reforming state institutions, and controlling borders to prevent drug smuggling, especially to the Gulf… Will the current authority in Lebanon dare to do that?”

Messages and reassurances

At a press conference, he said, Kuwaiti Foreign Minister His step falls within the process of building confidence and expressing solidarity with the Lebanese people, and that it “was carried out in coordination with the other Arab Gulf states.”

He explained that there were several messages from his visit to Beirut, “the first message is a message of cooperation, solidarity and synergy with the brotherly people of Lebanon, and the second message is that there is a common desire to restore Lebanon’s splendor and brilliance.”

After meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati, said: “My coming to Lebanon is to support Lebanon and rid Lebanon of all that it is going through, to help it overcome these difficulties and to restore confidence-building measures with Lebanon.”

12 items

The initiative includes 12 items, including “Lebanon’s commitment to the path of political, economic and financial reform,” “rehabilitating the institutions of the Lebanese state,” “adopting a policy of disassociation and reviving it after it has been exposed to many impurities and abuses,” and “respect for the sovereignty of Arab and Gulf countries and stopping political, media and military interference.” In any of these countries”, “respect for the decisions of the Arab League and adherence to Arab legitimacy”, and adherence to international resolutions issued by the UN Security Council, especially Resolutions 1559 and 1701, with what this means is the necessity of limiting arms to the Lebanese state.

It also includes “taking serious and reliable measures to control the Lebanese border crossings”, “preventing drug smuggling and adopting a clear and decisive security policy that stops targeting Gulf countries through drug smuggling operations”, and “demanding the Lebanese government to take measures to prevent Hezbollah from continuing to interfere in the conflict.” The Yemen war” and “Lebanon taking firm measures to prevent the organization of any meetings or conferences that might affect the internal affairs of the Gulf states.”

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