Labor beats Conservatives by 10 points after Johnson scandal


Break Johnson Apologies to Parliament, Wednesday, and the Queen ElizabethFriday, after a series of parties or gatherings held at his residence in Downing Street, at a time when the country was subject to strict restrictions in the face of the pandemic.

The Savanta Comres Center for Public Opinion Polls said that a study of 2,151 adults on Thursday and Friday added 5 points to the Labor Party, bringing its support rate to 42 percent of the vote, while deducting a point from the Conservatives, bringing the party back further at 32 percent.

This is the largest amount of support the Labor Party has received since 2013, the center added.

Johnson scored a landslide electoral victory in 2019. The poll showed that 70 percent of those surveyed now want him to resign.

Johnson’s office apologized to the Queen after it emerged that staff attended a party on April 16, 2021, late at night in Downing Street on the eve of her husband’s funeral. Prince Philip, at a time when it was imposed a ban on mixing in enclosed spaces.

Johnson apologized to Parliament after admitting he attended a rally at his residence in May 2020 during the country’s first lockdown.

The ComRes poll showed that voters across the political spectrum are so angry that this information has been revealed, only 66 percent of those who supported conservative In the 2019 elections they support the party now.

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