Laila Koura source: Bencharki and Onajem warn Zamalek


A source reported that the Moroccan players in the ranks of the Zamalek club, Ashraf Bencharki and Mohamed Onajem, sent an official warning to their club, including inquiring about the overdue dues to them.

The same source indicated, in exclusive statements to Lilacora, that the arrears due to them amounted to 7 months; Where the players notify the club of this before taking any measures regarding the termination of the contract

The source concluded his statements by noting that the Zamalek club had contacted the duo to resolve the crisis quickly and pay part of the dues during the coming period.

Mortada Mansour had sent a message to Laban Sharqi during his meeting with the players last week, saying: “If you want a penalty clause in your contract, this is your natural right, and if you sign for another club, a party will be arranged to honor you because of what you presented with Zamalek and make you happy for the fans, and if you don’t sign, you will not sign.” You find better than this club.”

Bin Sharqi insists on setting a penalty clause to terminate his contract with Zamalek in exchange for one million dollars, provided that this clause is activated starting from the first season of the new contract.


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