Lavrov warns NATO.. Deployment of offensive weapons near Russias borders is a red line


The flood has come… The West must accept Russias proposals regarding security guarantees, otherwise it knows how to guarantee its security.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov raises the ceiling of the discourse with the West to the level of the last warning. Moscow confirmed during its meetings with Washington and NATO at the beginning of the week that they are on their path in their pursuit of world domination. What is more remarkable in all these situations is that it came from the words of the dean of Russian diplomacy, on the tongue of someone who weighs its words and letters before saying them. Perhaps a clearer picture of the future of competition “minimum” in the Eurasian arena between Moscow and the West, and the result is not to be in favor of the West here.

Did you get the Russian message? And the ball is now in the West’s court, so that the world may, at the last minute, catch up on a new era of extremely complex rivalry between Moscow and the West.

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