Leader Adel Imam makes loud statements and reveals scandalous things that actress Nadia El-Gendy did while filming this banned movie!


Social media circulated a rare picture of the artist, Adel Al-Imam and Nadia Al-Jundi, from the movie, which was banned from showing due to a judicial order.

The leader, Adel Al-Imam, said: “We are filming the movie “Five Door.” Mrs. Nadia Al-Jundi is afraid of envy, and she has obsessive-compulsive disorder and phobia because of it.

I told him: “And the north has no meaning in it?! Isn’t this mine, too, or what?!”

He said, “No, Madame is so embarrassing. We should all fear our right legs.” So I entered with my right leg..After a while, I was sitting and adjusting myself in the shot, and suddenly I found something like this snot. The barbarians need something like this on the backs of a bus. This is Madame who puts it on people because of envy.

And every bit of filming, people come to vaporize the studio because of envy, and after all that I did, “Five Doors” was the only movie that was prevented from showing by a court order.


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