Learn about the Basketball Association’s penalties for the match between Zamalek and Al-Ahly


10:00 pm

Wednesday January 19 2022

Written by:- Muhammad Allam

The Egyptian Basketball Association issued financial penalties for Zamalek player Ahmed Yasser Abdel Wahab and Omar Azab, Al-Ahly player, after the events of the summit match, which ended with Al-Ahly winning 86-85.

The summit match witnessed a signal from Zamalek player Ahmed Yasser towards Al-Ahly’s bench before the end of the match, which called for the referee of the match to calculate a technical error against him.

The official website of the Basketball Association stated that the legal department of the Federation investigated Ahmed Yasser Abdel Wahab and Omar Azab, the Al-Ahly player, for their irresponsible behavior in the match.

The legal committee recommended imposing a penalty on the players, and the Basketball Association adopted these decisions.

The penalty imposed on the two was as follows:

Ahmed Yasser Abdel Wahab, player of Zamalek, was fined 20 thousand pounds.

Al-Ahly player Omar Azab was also fined 10 thousand pounds.


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