Learn about the story of the bosom of the leader, Adel Imam .. who deprived the artist Lebleba of marriage and childbearing .. exciting details?


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>A strong friendship between the artist Lebleba and the artist Adel Imam, and they co-starred in a large number of films that achieved success, and this caused her some problems on the level of her personal life.

The great artist, Lebleba, revealed in a previous interview on the “Bab Al-Khalq” program, presented by the journalist Mahmoud Saad, about many scenes in her personal life.

And the secret of her never getting married again, her love for the leader and her refusal to do more than one job during the last period, and other secrets.

She said that she was fortunate to meet the musician of generations, artist Mohamed Abdel Wahab, pointing out that during her session with him, he advised her to reject substandard works and to think about attending Al-Azumat out of respect for the audience, in order for her to continue to succeed.

She confirmed that she refuses to participate in marginal roles out of respect for herself and her audience, pointing out that she was consulting the scriptwriter and the late writer Waheed Hamid in every little and big thing regarding her participation in artistic works.

And she confirmed, “During 2020, I refused to participate in 9 artworks, 4 of which are series and 5 films.”
She pointed out that her mother, when she became ill, continued her health crisis for 16 years, and she had priority in her treatment and was treating her outside Egypt.

And she continued, “I am used to living with little and living with a lot, and if I do not live on my feet and with any need of my land, and I can open the cupboard and wear an old dress, and my refrigerator has no meat and chicks, but only cheese, but satisfaction, and I am confident of the generosity of our Lord and satisfied.”

And she said: “Time is running out, and I myself say to the world that it disturbs us, and I am confident of the generosity of our Lord that He will send me a special and sweet need, and you will show the needs of my innermost knowledge.”

She confirmed that she only married once to the artist Hassan Youssef, pointing out that when she separated from him, she refused to marry twice because she gave all her soul to art and the years passed like seconds and did not think for a single moment about marriage.

And she continued, “There were two people who loved me and wanted to marry me, but they loved art at the time, and they told me to quit acting because it would not be possible for my women to keep going to represent and Adel Imam hugs her and I told them I would not let Adel Imam embrace me, but they refused my desire to continue acting.”

And she continued, “One of those who wanted to marry me after separating from Hassan Youssef, I loved him and wanted to marry him, but I told myself his way changed my way and wished him happiness and the formation of a family away from me because I love art, and Mama said that my daughter can’t leave art because she loves it.”

And she continued, “Art steals the artist’s life, but I am happy and I have never regretted for a moment to continue acting, and I do not regret that I formed a family, but I loved that and wanted to have children.”

And she added, “During filming with Adel Imam, I am very vigilant and can make a reaction in his face. I used to be funny because the work did not work, and all people loved us together.

I also love the leader and with him I felt my success and benefited a lot from his great audience because all people love him and feel him and I know him from the blow of his boots before entering the copper studio, and he takes his coffee before entering the plateau, and I know if he is happy or his mood is not good.

She explained, “The movie Keep Your Mind from Your Neighbors. My role was not the role of the artist, Mervat Amin, and I worked the role after her apology, and at that time, director Mohamed Abdel Aziz called me.”

Farouk Sabri and at that time I did not have a job and a rule at home waiting and always ready, and I agreed and the work was my first absolute championship, and thank God all the time I was ready, and the movie is one of my best roles, and every step I take I speak with our Lord.


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