Learn the story of the artist who was famous for acting hot scenes..and the artist Nabila Obeid..she hit him until his eyes swollen when he assaulted her..you won’t believe who he is?


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>He is the Egyptian artist Hamdi Al-Wazir, the most famous star who performed the rape scenes, as some called him the icon of harassment in Egyptian cinema, in which he was famous for his facial expressions and the movement of his mouth during his performances.

The artist Hamdi Al-Wazir said that he takes into account the feelings of his colleagues while working during the performance of the rape scenes in the cinematic works, stressing that he does not feel sad after the spread of his famous image through the social media, which belongs to the scene of Fist Al-Hilali and refers to the rape scene in that film.

He added: “We do not live in a utopia, and we live in a society of diverse cultures, feelings and feelings,” stressing that he receives a kind of appreciation from viewers as he reaches the stage of honesty in performing his film roles.

He pointed out that his lawyer friends asked him to file a compensation lawsuit against a clothing company that uses his image on T-shirts and other companies that use his image as well, but he refused to file a lawsuit, thanking them because this matter is considered free publicity for him.

He continued, that the artist, “Nabila Obeid”, hit him on the eye until it swollen while performing a scene of rape in one of the cinematic works.

The events of the movie “Al-Khashabiba” revolved around the life story of a successful and committed doctor, characterized by good morals and good dealings, and working in a public hospital called Amal Ali Hassan. Her character was embodied by the artist Nabila Obeid.

She belongs to a wealthy family and is married to a large businessman, “Saeed Abdel-Ghani”. One day, after Amal finished her work and returned home by her car, she was attacked.

On the part of some of the damaged youth, which led to a collision with the car of a simple citizen, Abdul Muti, who played the role of the late artist Waheed Seif.

The police held Amal until she was presented to the prosecution, so she had to resort to a lawyer to defend her. The lawyer, Magdy El-Desouky, who performed his character was the artist Ahmed Zaki, who persuaded Abdel Moati to sign a reconciliation report and thus release Amal.

But this fateful incident was a reason for discovering that the female citizen Amal is wanted in connection with another case, which is the theft of the money of the plaintiff Kamal “Hamdi Al-Wazir”, a young man who lost his money in gambling, and falsely accused her of stealing his money, but her husband and brother did not believe her innocence and abandoned her.

Professional artists, Hamdi Al-Wazir confirmed that there are great actors who cannot perform the rape scene.

He confirmed that the actress Ilham Shaheen played a movie role with him, and in the movie she played the role of his wife while he was abusing her in the street by hitting her and pulling her by the hair,

And the scene ended without Ilham Shaheen feeling any pain as a result of pulling her hair, and this is due to the professionalism at work, as she is a professional actress who helped him perform the scene professionally.

The minister stressed that acting was not his goal, and the theater was what occupied him, and he traveled abroad a lot to receive many workshops in the theater, which cost him a lot of money, and that his beginning with art was while he was at Bashir Al Deek’s house, and director Muhammad Khan entered them and offered him acting in a movie Revenge, continuing that he presented two scenes in the movie Revenge, in which he won an award.

Who is Hamdi Al-Wazir? He is an Egyptian actor, born in Port Said to an artistic family that gave birth to a number of actors and directors. He obtained a Bachelor of Engineering from Qena University.

His artistic career began at the end of the seventies of the twentieth century, and his cinematic beginnings were remarkably strong, so he participated in a role in the movie (Alexandria Les) with the great director (Youssef Chahine) in 1979.

He participated in several distinguished works, such as (the bus driver, the woodworker) in the eighties, and also the series Raafat Al-Hagan, the third part in 1992, as the young intelligence officer (Adel), who shares his duties with the spy (Raafat Al-Hagan) for the first time.

He also worked as a director for plays: (The Bassous War, Rituals of Signs and Transformations), from his television works: (Al-Bahar Mundi, Al-Mazad, Egyptian Papers). During his career, he received a number of awards.


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