Libya .. a decisive session before the “bargaining game”


The importance of the session lies in the general parliamentary trend towards the dismissal of the government of Abdul Hamid Dabaiba, and the nomination of a number of names to succeed him during the current stage, which raises an important question about the possibility of the government responding to the parliament’s decision in the event of its dismissal, and will the decision contribute to resolving the crisis?

The head of the National Security Committee in the former Libyan General National Congress, Abdel Moneim Al-Yasir, considered the current situation as a “like”Musical chairs gamePointing out that the goal of the bargains is nothing more, without taking into account the interest of the country and the citizen.

Al-Yasir explained in a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, that what is happening now in Parliament “does not aim at real change. BrotherhoodIt proves that there are deals in order for everyone to continue in his position and take advantage of the current situation.”

He added that “the state of uncertainty and non-state prevailing now will not end without a real international will to end the Libyan crisis,” noting that “the international community is required to build state institutions and impose security and stability in Libya, because it is he who has enabled the current entities by force of arms and militias such as the Brotherhood organization to control the country’s capabilities.” “.

Libyan political expert Radwan Al-Fitouri agrees with Al-Yasir, as he believes that the current situation, of uncontrolled weapons and militia bullying, will not lead the Libyans to an electoral box, but only war and fighting again.

On ways to implement any decision regarding the current caretaker government, Al-Fitouri said, “Most of the parliament’s decisions have not been implemented, and they are disregarded,” referring to the decision to withdraw confidence last year from the government. Dabaiba government that did not implement the decision.

The Libyan politician indicated that the government’s reaction to the previous decision was to cling to power more, and Dabaiba announced his candidacy for the presidential elections, and his retreat from the promises he made in the Geneva Agreement.

Al-Fitouri continued, in a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, saying: “There is no guarantor for the implementation of any decision issued by Parliament or judicial bodies except in the presence of a unified military institution that forces everyone to respect the democratic path.”

The Libyan politician pointed out that in the event of the dismissal of the government, the new government will not be able to enter the capital, Tripoli, which is captive to militias and personal accounts.

وشدت Libyan capital On Sunday, a state of chaos, as a result of the outbreak of clashes with light and medium weapons near the port of Tripoli and Martyrs Square, “formerly Green Square” between militias, which the Ministry of Interior said were “out of control.”

technocratic government

On the parliamentary trend towards dismissing the government and forming a government of technocrats, Professor of Political Science at the University of Sirte, Abdel Aziz Aqeela, said that Parliament, with the current composition of the political scene, cannot dismiss or change the government.

Aqeela indicated that the current government is “a product of the Geneva Agreement, of which Parliament was part of its parties, and it agreed on Dabaiba to head the government,” adding that “from this point the government builds its defenses, by saying that it is a government that is the product of an international agreement, and it will hand over power only to an elected and legitimate government.” .

Professor expected Political ScienceThe failure of any attempt towards the government, given the complexity of the current situation in the State Council, which was part of the Geneva Agreement, other than the UN mission’s rejection of the idea of ​​changing the government.

He stressed that the current situation and what is happening is the result of deviation from the road map, which was the only way out for the country from chaos and crisis, and each party’s attempt to cling to power for the longest possible time.

The closest scenario

Regarding the observers expectations for the next step in the event of Parliament’s decision to dismiss the government, Al-Fitouri said, “The government and its prime minister will never hand over power. The current equation is the convergence of corrupt money with interests,” blaming the Brotherhood and its supporters abroad for the responsibility for aggravating the situation and the current political blockage.

As for Al-Yasir, he considered that the only way out to resolve the current crisis is to “present… The international community Full support for the implementation of the 5 + 5 clauses, with the exit of mercenaries, the disarmament of militias, and the unification of the military institution, the country succeeds in building real legitimate institutions, away from the control of militias and extremist groups.

On Monday, the House of Representatives will hold a session, which was described as decisive in defining the parameters of a road map, with regard to the continuation or change of the government, the formation of a new presidential council, the holding of elections, or other alternatives.

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