Libya announces the ban on traveling with the green passport to Egypt and replacing it with the electronic blue


The head of the Committee for the Registration of Passengers to Egypt in the Libyan municipality of Tobruk, Muhammad Al-Arawi, confirmed the ban on traveling to Egypt with the green passport, starting from the beginning of the current year 2022, calling on all Libyan travelers to Egypt to have an electronic blue passport and to have the automatic number activated. .

Al-Ardawi indicated in a press statement published by the Tobruk municipality, today, Sunday, that the committee does not bear the responsibility for the travel of any Libyan citizen who has an unactivated blue passport, as he will be returned from the Musaed land port if he travels to Egypt.

In another context, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Libyan High National Elections Commission, Imad Al-Sayeh, discussed with the Libyan National Security Adviser Ibrahim Bushnaf the repercussions of postponing the presidential and parliamentary elections that were scheduled to take place on December 24 last.

The meeting, which was held by the two parties in the office of the IHEC, today, Sunday, reviewed the developments of the electoral process, the reasons that prevented its completion, in addition to preparations for the next stage, according to a statement issued by the Libyan Electoral Commission..

According to the statement, Bushnaf valued the efforts made by the Libyan High Elections Commission in preparing for these elections, reiterating his support for the commission to ensure the success of the presidential and parliamentary elections..

The meeting dealt with a number of legal and objective issues related to the conduct of the electoral process and the most prominent difficulties it faces, in addition to ensuring acceptance of its results by all parties, whoever wins them, “in the event that it is conducted in the near future period.”.”

The two parties agreed that a set of legal and objective challenges prevented the timely completion of the elections, calling on everyone to show a sense of responsibility to move Libya to the stage of stability through these elections..

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