Like a mermaid on the ground..Watch the Turkish actress Neslihan with an attractive and sexy look..She grabbed the hearts of her fans in a transparent Arab cloak that reveals her charms?Photo


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The Turkish star, Neslihan Atagul, caught her eye at the Hospitality Festival, which was held yesterday evening, Sunday, in Dubai,

She wore a transparent dress in beige that was distinguished by its golden embroideries, with a large opening on the chest side and a slit on the leg side.

The design came with wide sleeves, and a narrow waist cut that clearly showed her charms, and the Turkish artist left her hair loose with a golden bow, and completed her look with golden earrings and soft makeup.

During the festival, the Turkish artist won the “Best International Artist” award, so she sent a message to her Arab audience, which she concluded with one Arabic word, “I love you.”

And the audience flirted with Atagul’s look, which some likened to the caftan or the Arab cloak, and also impressed a number of followers,

Those who expressed their admiration for choosing the artist for a look suitable for the event and for the country in which she is located.
It is noteworthy that Neslihan had been in Dubai for a while,

In order to attend the opening of the SLS chain of hotels, along with a number of Turkish stars, including Demet Ozdemir and Burak Deniz.

Atagul appeared after announcing her illness and had lost a lot of weight, which worried her followers and fans.

Despite her exhausting and tired look, some doubted Neslihan’s withdrawal from the series “The Ambassador’s Daughter”, as they said that the reason was the low viewership and not her illness,

As many Turkish news revealed the Turkish artist’s readiness to participate in a new work, Atagul also appeared on a number of occasions and appeared in good health.

On the other hand, a Turkish program confirmed at that time that Neslihan does not suffer from any disease, but is addicted to drugs, which the artist did not respond to with any official statement.


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