Live broadcast.. Christmas Mass headed by Pope Tawadros II


“The Seventh Day” presents a live broadcast of the Christmas mass, headed by Pope Tawadros II The Pope of Alexandria, Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, from the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ in the New Administrative Capital.

was a speaker Orthodox ChurchArchbishop Moussa Ibrahim revealed the details of the Orthodox Christmas celebrations, which will take place on January 7, saying that the procedures and arrangements put in place put precautionary measures in the forefront, and that the number of attendees may not reach 25% of the total number of the church, in addition to applying precautionary measures with precision, and church children must wear masks, as the seats have been arranged to ensure the distance between worshipers..

He explained that the scouting teams will supervise the implementation of the precautionary measures, as the entry and exit system will also ensure the optimal application of the precautionary measures, stressing that these measures and the determination of an absorptive capacity for worshipers in the Christmas mass whose main goal is to ensure the optimal application of the precautionary controls and that the procedures will be circulated to all churches And the instructions, saying: “The same principle, where attendance in churches will be in a proportion that guarantees social distancing, and we know that we, as Egyptians, in the feast celebrations, in particular prayers, are to attend with great intensity, and therefore all churches and instructions at the level of the Republic have made a reservation system to ensure the application of precautionary measures.”.

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