Luxurious luxury and elegance beyond imagination: See pictures from inside the house of the leader Adel Imam, like the palaces of kings .. And the surprise in the design of his bedroom is an elegant masterpiece .. You will not believe what your eyes will see?


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>One of the most prominent and important actors in Egypt and the Arab world. He was famous for playing comedic roles that were mixed in many films with romance and politics.

Related to religion and social issues, where some of his cinematic and television works are daring. He is the great artist, Adel Emam.

The artist, Adel Imam, was born in the village of Shaha, the center of Mansoura, in Dakahlia Governorate in Egypt. He graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, which made his artistic beginnings. He began his artistic life on the university stage and from there to the cinema, and his beginning was in 1962 with small roles.

In the mid-seventies, his fame began, through his comedic roles mixed with the political character, and he performed more than a hundred films during a period and another, and despite the great popularity and popularity that the artist Adel Imam enjoyed, he is always keen to keep his personal life away from the spotlight.

Despite the extreme secrecy, leaked photos spread on social media from inside Adel Imam’s house, which shocked the public with his majesty.

The artist, Adel Imam, lives in a palace in the Mansouriya area, Mansouriya Park in the Kerdasa area, an area that brings together many important figures in Egypt, including artists, ambassadors, and others.

The internal area of ​​the villa is about 100 acres, surrounded by a large fence, and on the gate there is a sign that says “Villa Al Imam” in white on a blue background.

According to a number of those close to the family of the artist, Adel Imam, the entrance to the luxurious palace is surrounded by a large wall and has a distinctive garden full of trees and palms, with a large swimming pool, to give a distinctive aesthetic appearance to the villa of the leader.

The kitchen of Al-Zaeem’s house is characterized by a modern and practical character at the same time, with the presence of wooden decorations in a distinctive brown color, with its presence in the modern American style.

The lighting units in all the main rooms of the villa of the leader constitute an important element of the decor of the house,

It has been carefully selected to suit the general taste and general decoration of the house, which necessarily expresses the high taste of the owners of the house.


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