Mansoura Criminal Court: Five years in prison for an armed carpenter who assaulted a woman


court ruled Mansoura Criminal Punishing an armed carpenter in one of the villages of the Tami Al-Ameed Center in Dakahlia Governorate, with a five-year hard prison sentence, for accusing him of assaulting a housewife inside a barn, using a folded white weapon.

The ruling was issued under the chairmanship of Counselor Mustafa Al-Sayed Hashem, and the membership of Counselor Ihab Hassan Nour El-Din, Counselor Ahmed Abdel Azim Al-Jamal, Counsellor Sherif Imad El-Din Aoun and the Secretariat of Abdel Hamid Al-Alfi, Ahmed Majar and Tariq Abdel-Latif.

The incident dates back to May 7, 2021 in the district of the Tammy Al-Ameed Center in Dakahlia Governorate, after Counselor Alaa Al-Saadani, the first general attorney for the South Dakahlia Prosecutions, decided to refer the accused, Mahmoud. p. A 26-year-old armed carpenter residing in one of the villages of the Tami Al-Amdeed Center, to the Criminal Court, accused of assaulting A. A. A. 35 years old, a housewife residing in the same village of the accused, when she is in her barn.

And Ahmed S. witnessed. A 22-year-old agricultural worker said that he heard the victim’s distress calls from her barn, and as a result, the accused saw the moment he got out of it and fled, and the investigations of the investigations confirmed the validity of the incident.

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