Meteorologists warn of cold weather: wear heavy clothes throughout the current week


Dr. Mahmoud Shaheen, Director of the Analysis and Forecasting Center warned at the Meteorological Authority, from the repercussions of the cold weather, saying: “Heavy clothes must be worn, because the weather is very cold at night, and cold during the day, especially in the month of January, which is the peak of the winter season in Egypt.”

Shaheen added, in a telephone interview to the “Today” program, with the media Sarah Hazem, on a satellite screen dmcHe added, that this week will witness a sharp drop in temperatures, adding: “The country will be exposed during the current period to weather fluctuations, as a result of its exposure to the arrival of an air mass from southern and eastern Europe that is working to reduce the temperature significantly.”

The Director of the Analysis and Forecasting Center at the Meteorological Authority explained that wind activity increases the feeling of coldness and lowering the temperature, and may lead to stirring sand in the desert areas, saying: “The coming days will not witness a rise in temperatures, and the northern coasts, Lower Egypt and Greater Cairo will be exposed. And northern Upper Egypt and Sinai, with chances of rain falling between light to medium and not affecting daily activities.

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