Meteorologists warn of these fluctuations in weather conditions in the coming days


Dr. Mahmoud Shaheen, Director of the Center for Analysis and Forecasting at the Meteorological Authority, said that there is a state of fluctuations in weather conditions that the weather is witnessing during these days.

Shaheen added, in a phone call to the “Extra News” channel, today, Saturday, that there is a drop in temperatures. Where there is very cold weather with the absence of sunlight.

He pointed out that there is a continuation of the decrease in temperature, accompanied by light to medium rain in areas of the northern coasts and some governorates of Lower Egypt.

He expected that there will be light to medium rain over areas of Greater Cairo, extending light to the governorates of northern Upper Egypt.

He noted that there is a disturbance in the navigation movement on the Mediterranean, causing waves to rise to nearly 3 metres. With the stability of navigation and fishing on the Red Sea.

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