Military certificate and changing your name.. Conditions for joining the Syndicate of Musical Professions


Today, Sunday, the musician Hamada Abu Al-Yazid revealed the conditions for admission to the Musicians Syndicate headed by the artist Hani Shaker, and the return of festival performers who were written off from the union and prevented from dealing with them in the past days, saying that those who did not adhere to the conditions set by the union will be cancelled. his annual statement.

Conditions for joining the Syndicate of Musical Professions

A military certificate and changing your name is one of the conditions for the Syndicate of Musical Professions. The musician Abu Al-Yazid explained the conditions for rap performers and festivals to join the Syndicate, which are as follows:

• A prerequisite is to change the strange names that festival performers gave themselves and became famous for.
• Presenting the position regarding recruitment, papers and certificates in order to be able to join the union.
• Preserving the values ​​and morals of society.
• Passing the audio tests carried out by the Syndicate Committee.
• If anyone violates any decision or condition of the previous conditions, his annual permit in the union will be cancelled.

Some festival singers banned from working

In the past, the artist Hani Shaker banned a number of singers and festival performers from working, after a collective approval of the members of the Syndicate’s council, and this was confirmed by the Chairman of the Work Committee of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, Mansour Hindi, and their names were crossed out from the Syndicate, in order to preserve public taste and moral values. to the society in which we were raised.

The list of banned names included: Hassan Shakoush, Hamo Beka, and the cancellation of their annual permit for the union, and also included throat, coriander, Abu Laila, singer (Mustafa Zakaria Muhammad Ali) and his fame is Muslim, Ahmed Moza, Ahmed Qassem and his fame is Philo, Samara, and Richa Costa, Hamo Taykha, Shawaha, the gang, Walad Selim, Al-Zaeem, Majdi Shatta, Alaa Fifty, Wazeh Matariya, the high heels band, Amrohaha, and Shakil.

In a statement, the union confirmed that no one who is not in the union will work until he passes the tests and conditions.


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