Miqdad: Syrias return to the Arab League is not at the center of our attention


Miqdad: Syria's return to the Arab League is not at the center of our attention


Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad said that his country’s return to the Arab League “is not in the center of our attention”, after restoring relations with a number of countries since their membership was suspended following the outbreak of the war.

Al-Miqdad said, in a press interview with Al-Wehda Foundation for Press and Publishing, “The Arab League is an institution in which Arabs gather. It has not achieved any of the goals, and what concerns us is improving relations with Arab countries,” stressing that “Syrias return to the League is not in the center of our attention… We are working To improve relations with Arab countries and restore them to what they were, and we now have 14 Arab embassies open.”

He added, “The Turkish regime bears the responsibility for not reaching results in the Constitutional Committee,” stressing that “drafting the constitution will not be at the expense of the Syrian people and the fragmentation of their country.”

He also stressed that “everything related to the Constitution Discussion Committee is a purely Syrian matter, and its success is linked to ensuring that no external interference in its work is whatsoever,” considering that “the West has no sincere intention for the committee’s success.”

He considered that “it is important that the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to Syria Geir Pedersen maintains his neutral position, and those who propose solutions are the members of the committee and not the special envoy or friends.”

Al-Miqdad explained that “the United States is one of the most abused and violators of human rights issues,” stressing that “the American aggression destroyed the city of Raqqa, and it is a living witness to its brutality.”

Source: “SANA” + “Sputnik”

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