Mirror: A nightmare awaits Liverpool in the summer because of Mohamed Salah


The English newspaper “Mirror” revealed that Liverpool could face a nightmare at the end of the current season due to the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah.

The file to renew Mohamed Salah’s contract is the most prominent issue on the table Leferball Several months ago.

Liverpool’s negotiations with the Egyptian player, over the past months, regarding the renewal of his contract did not result in any agreement.

This comes at a time when the two parties differ over the financial matters of the deal, as Mohamed Salah is demanding a weekly salary of at least 400-500 thousand pounds.

Mohamed Salah confirmed in his statements more than once that he would like to stay with Liverpool until the end of his career, but it does not depend on him only.

And the English newspaper “Mirror” reported that Liverpool fans are desperate to see Mohamed Salah sign a new long-term contract with the English club.

The 29-year-old Egyptian has only 18 months left on his current deal, and several top European clubs would like to lure him away from Anfield.

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If he does not sign a deal before the end of the season, Liverpool may reluctantly decide to sell him in the summer, which is a nightmare for the Reds, according to the description of the same newspaper.

And the “Mirror” indicated that Mohamed Salah’s financial demands are not extraordinary compared to other English Premier League stars, as Cristiano Ronaldo gets 500,000 pounds per week, while Kevin De Bruyne earns 400,000 pounds per week.

And “Mirror” believes that Mohamed Salah is as influential as any other player in the English Premier League, as he deserves an exorbitant salary, and Liverpool will regret letting a player of his caliber leave if the administration refuses to meet his demands.


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