Moataz El Demerdash: Halim tried to expel you from the movie “The Deity of the Masses”… Why? Shocking response from Youssef Shaaban!


During his meeting with the journalist Moataz Al-Demerdash on the “90 Minutes” program on Al-Mehwar TV, the artist Youssef Shaaban said earlier, that the artist Abdel Halim Hafez wanted to exclude him from participating in the movie “The Deity of the Masses” and asked this from director Helmy Rafla.

Youssef Shaaban said that Nightingale objected to my participation in the work after he was presented with the scenario of the idol of the masses because of jealousy, and the decoration continued to be suspended for 3 weeks due to the insistence of the artist Shadia on my presence in the film.

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Youssef Shaaban confirmed that Abdel Halim Hafez preferred the late artist Mohsen Sarhan instead of me.

Shaaban added that he was a danger to those who acted with him, and it was said that I stole the camera and lights and had the ability to draw attention.

Youssef Shaaban indicated that Abdel Halim agreed to my presence at work after director Helmy Rafla resorted to writer Mustafa Amin, the author of the film, to resolve the matter, and he thought that I was the most suitable for this role.

It is noteworthy that the great artist Youssef Shaaban presented many television and cinematic works, as well as theatrical works for about 50 years, and was the captain of the actors for two consecutive sessions from 1997 to 2003.

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