Mokhtar Noah reveals the scenes and details of the conflict between the wings of the Brotherhood


The writer and researcher in Islamic movements, Mukhtar Noah, considered that the Brotherhood has shifted from the stage of deviation of belief to the stage of mental illness, indicating that they use blasphemy as a form of slander and not as a legal ruling.

Noah said on the program “A direct question”, which is broadcast by Al Arabiya channel, that the Brotherhood declares the army and the Egyptian president as apostasy simply because they differ with them in opinion, noting that the Brotherhood resorts to excommunicating public figures as a kind of expression of psychological anger.

Noah added that the Brotherhood volunteers reward and punishment according to their whims, referring to the state of gloating that occurred on their part after the death of the Egyptian journalist, Wael Al-Ibrashi. Noah said: “The Brotherhood considered Wael El-Ibrashi’s death a punishment because he differed with them in opinion, indicating that the Brotherhood is hostile to anyone who exposes their scandals, as is the case with many media professionals.”

Noah denied that Al-Ibrashi had caused the arrest of Mahmoud Shaaban, but on the contrary, Al-Ibrashi had contributed to his release.

He said that the Brotherhood still resorted to injustice to provoke sympathy with them, stressing that the failed administration of the Brotherhood in Egypt contributed to the decline in their popularity. Noah ruled out the Brotherhood’s re-emergence in Egypt despite the continued funding of countries for them, pointing out that the internal differences between the Brotherhood are not limited to the issue of controlling funding.

Noah believed that funding contributed mainly to the Brotherhood’s cohesion over the past four decades. Noah revealed that Mahmoud Hussein is of Palestinian nationality, so the name of Mustafa Tolba was proposed to take over the leadership of the Brotherhood in his place, indicating that Mahmoud Hussein wanted to remove financial suspicions from him, so he proposed the name of students to lead the Brotherhood. Regarding the Brotherhood’s funding sources, Noah said that they are: secret societies, subscriptions, qualitative committees and personal funding, considering that this is the most important source of Brotherhood funding in Egypt in addition to external funding.

Noah talked about the control of the private organization in the group, revealing that the former guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mamoun al-Hudaybi, told him about his suffering with the secret organization of the group. Noah said: Despite the dictatorship of Mamoun al-Hudaybi, he became an image after he became the general guide of the organization. Noah added: Whoever assumes the position of the Brotherhood’s guide turns into a mere image.

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