Moroccan star Basma Bousil .. surprises her followers with a recent photo of her three sons from Tamer Hosni and amazes the audience (see photos)


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Moroccan artist Basma Bousil surprised her followers by publishing a recent photo of her three children from her husband, artist Tamer Hosni, who are Talia, Amaya and Adam. 

Basma Bousil’s sons appeared in the photo, which she posted on her personal account on the “Instagram” website, while they were playing on the beach.

The retired artist was keen to hide the faces of her three children, as she used to always do, as she did not publish any pictures showing their faces since their birth.

And the retired artist, Basma Bousil, had recently sent a congratulatory message to her husband, the artist Tamer Hosni, on his new movie “Mesh Anna”, where she wrote to him: “Congratulations, my love, I am proud of you and all the team that was there for you in making this wonderful movie.”

She added, “For me this is one of the best films I’ve seen in my life, may God bless you and always rain you with success.. Also an introduction to our brilliant director sarawafikdirector for this great work. Bravo.”


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