Mrs. Intisar El-Sisi welcomes the visit of the wife of the South Korean President to the Federal Palace


Mrs. Intissar El-Sisi, wife of the President of the Republic, received today, Thursday, Mrs. Kim Young-sook, wife of the President of South Korea, at the Federal Palace.

On her official Facebook page, Mrs. Intissar Al-Sisi said: Our meeting was full of rich discussions on supporting youth and empowering women in all fields, in addition to our talk about the Egyptian state’s efforts in economic and social development and the great role that young people play in this aspect.

And she continued: “In our conversation, we discussed the Egyptian state’s measures to provide a decent life for all Egyptians through a series of government initiatives, with which the Egyptian state is paving the way towards the new republic.”

Mrs. Intisar Al-Sisi welcomed the honorable guests of Egypt to their second country, thanking Mrs. Kim Jong-un for her kind feelings and kind words about Egypt, which confirmed the depth of the distinguished relations and friendship that unite the two countries and peoples.

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