Mufti of the Republic: The success of the World Youth Forum reflects the political leadership’s belief in the role of youth


Dr. Shawky Allam – Mufti of the Republic, Head of the General Secretariat of Fatwa Authorities and Roles in the World – affirmed that Egypt’s success in holding world youth forum Under the patronage and in the presence of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, in its fourth edition, during the period from January 10 to 13, 2022, under the slogan “Back Together”, with the participation of young people from 196 countries from all over the world, reflecting the president’s belief in the importance and value of the role of youth In achieving the development and progress of societies, and the need to listen carefully to their ideas and suggestions.

The Grand Mufti of the Republic said in a statement today, Friday, that the president listens well to young people of different nationalities, adopts the issues they raise, and transforms them from ideas to policies that are applied on the ground.

The Grand Mufti of the Republic indicated that the forum represents a gathering of many young people in the world in order to promote dialogue and discuss development issues, and to send a message of peace from Egypt, the land of peace to the whole world.

The Grand Mufti of the Republic explained that the World Youth Forum is an opportunity to communicate with senior decision-makers and thinkers around the world, through their participation and interventions during the events, where young people from all over the world participate in a rich international forum to express their views and come up with recommendations and initiatives, in the presence of elite leaders and leaders. world and influential figures; What makes it an opportunity to connect with top decision-makers and thinkers around the world, as well as an opportunity to get to know a diverse group of promising young people from different nationalities around the world.

The Mufti of the Republic praised the recommendations issued by the World Youth Forum, including the recommendation to hold a summit of international financial institutions and donors to discuss assistance to poor communities, youth participation in climate change issues, and work to disseminate and define climate goals at the regional and international levels.

The Mufti of the Republic also praised the World Youth Forum’s demand to launch an international strategy aimed at strengthening human and social solidarity, and creating opportunities and more space to support international peace and security.

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