My return to Ghada Adel is a popular demand


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In preparation for the return of the Egyptian actress Ghada Adel to her husband and father of her children, director Magdy El Hawary, the latter shared the fans’ desire for their return to married life, stressing that he receives many messages after broadcasting the last episode that brought them together and described what is happening as a “public demand”.

Magdy wrote the post lightly, saying: Even the Friday preacher Fadel calls us back, Ghada and I remain a public demand, and the comments witnessed solidarity with the public demand. Legitimacy, while some considered the publication a new prelude to the step expected since the end of 2021.

And Ghada Adel said – earlier – that her children asked her to return to their father, director Magdi Al-Hawari, especially after the last confrontation between them on one of the programs. .

She added that Magdy Al-Hawari’s words entered her heart and mind and made her cry at the end of the episode, despite her many attempts to cohesion.

Ghada Adel added: My response to them was from me, that returning is difficult at the current stage, and I see that the current situation is much more appropriate than what we used to be, and I imagine that children are also more stable than in the past.

Ghada Adel explained: Presenting an episode that brings me together with my ex-husband Majdi Al-Hawari is something that I found at first to be normal, but during the episode I was not expecting all these questions, which I became angry with and caused me to cry.

Ghada, who cried because of her permanent escape from memories, as she says, spent the whole episode comparing her life as a wife and her reality now, and seemed very interested in revealing the reasons for her request for divorce, and knowing her ex-husband’s opinion of her now, whether on a personal or artistic level, and it is remarkable that Magdy’s responses are mostly She was biased towards Ghada the wife at the expense of the divorced woman, and at the end he gave her a romantic word in which he said, “My heart is a title for your love and you changed the address.”

Ghada clearly revealed that her husband’s jealousy over her prevented her from accepting very important roles at the beginning of her artistic career and explicitly stated that she was the candidate for the movie “Shorts, T-shirt and Cap” with star Ahmed El-Sakka, but she apologized for not accepting the role because of her husband’s jealousy, to go later to the Lebanese star Nour and be the reason Her debut in Egyptian cinema.

Ghada indicated that she was suffering from the jealousy of her ex-husband in an exaggerated manner, follow-up: From the number of people who loved me and changed me, I was deciding what to do and what to do, according to your psychological comfort, and this made me aware of everything inside me, even though this period was when films were shown to me big.

The star Ghada Adel is participating in the play “In the Night of the Night”, starring Hassan Al-Raddad, Reem Mustafa, Mohamed Abdel Rahman, Suleiman Eid, Mustafa Haridi, Mustafa Basit and Nelly Mahmoud, and directed by Amr Arafa.

“In the Night of the Night” is a new theatrical work inspired by the world of the late writer Bahjat Qamar, and it is a new project that will be shown for the first time in the Riyadh season, and it is based on the recreation of different themes presented by the late writer Bahjat Qamar, in which a mixture of plays, films, radio and television series, and was put into a theatrical template. New with a different and modern vision written by Ayman Bahgat Qamar, son of the late writer


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