New developments in the health status of the artist Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra


New developments in the health of the artist Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra revealed by his daughter, Dr. Mai Abu Zahra, who confirmed that her father was going through a health condition that required care and stay in the hospital.

She indicated that the artist Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra suffers from a severe cough that affects the respiratory system, but the matter is under control.

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Dr. Mai added – in media statements to her – that her father is placed on a ventilator intermittently when the oxygen level in his blood decreases, stressing that her father is not on a ventilator continuously, as his condition does not require that.

Mai Abu Zahra broadcast messages of reassurance to her father’s fans and fans, confirming that he is in a stable condition and is not detained in the intensive care room, as some claim, and that he is in an ordinary quarantine room at Agouza Hospital. The results are promising so that her father, the great artist, can leave the hospital, denying the deterioration of his health.

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