Nicolas Moawad reveals: I was one of the heroes of “friends and dear ones,” and we live in a hypocritical society with double standards.


The Lebanese artist blew up Nicolas Moawad Surprisingly, he was nominated to star in the movie “Friends and My Dearest,” but he apologized for not participating in it for reasons he enumerated himself through a long post on his personal Facebook page. Nicolas explained the scenes of his joining at the beginning and he had already contracted for the championship, but the filming was disrupted more than once by his apology for not participating, as he had been associated at that time with another work that required him to travel outside Lebanon.

Nicolas Moawad – Photo from his Instagram account

Moawad said on his personal Facebook page: “My follower is well aware that in my life I apologized for a role and then came out and said (this role was mine) … although I do not find it wrong, on the contrary, I find it a very normal job and there is no detraction from the role or not. Who is the actor who takes the role?

My apologies for not participating in the controversy surrounding it

And he continued, “But today, with all the controversy that we are seeing about the movie “Friends and My Dearest”, I would very much like to say that he was supposed to be one of the film’s actors… Also, I would like to say that the reason for my apology has nothing to do with the ignorant and sterile controversy that we are watching. currently”.

Poster for the movie Friends or Dearest – Photo from the Netflix account on Instagram

Corona conditions disrupted filming

And about the reason for his apology for not participating, Nicola said: “I apologized because Corona’s circumstances made filming postponed more than once, and I had a prior association with filming outside Lebanon, so I had to withdraw from the project knowing in advance that I would be very upset when I saw the movie.”

I knew the performance of the film’s heroes, especially director Wissam Samira

Nicolas explained: “I was thinking, I would be upset, because the film is very artistic, too, because I knew in advance how the performance of every person who worked in front of the camera and behind the camera would be under the direction of the director, whom I love a lot, Wissam Samira.”

We live in a hypocritical, double-standard society

Regarding the controversy surrounding the film, he said: “But today I found myself upset for other reasons…I was upset because this movie was going to be an opportunity to let me say, in fact, not just talking. Art is higher and higher than all restrictions, provisions and censorship, and unfortunately we live in a hypocritical society with double standards.”

Greetings from the heart to all the heroes of the owners and dearest

He also praised the heroes, saying: “Greetings from the heart to everyone who worked on this film and to every person who believes in a free and independent art. I know there will be a lot of negative comments… He was still silent, but those who are attacking today are respectful colleagues and friends, and a lot of respect for their participation in this work, and it is my duty to be aware of every human being who thinks of us and stop. I apologize in advance for not responding.” The movie “Friends and Dearest” is still under attack after it was shown on the Netflix network, and some accused it of promoting immoral acts, and some criticized Mona Zaki because of one of her scenes in the movie. Despite the widespread criticism of the film, a number of artists and critics defended the film and Mona Zaki on their personal accounts on social media. It is noteworthy that Nicolas Moawad was shown the movie “Mako” with Basma, Amr Wahba, Nahed El Sebaei and others, as well as the series “Aa Al-Hilweh wa Al-Murra” with Dana Mardini, Pamela Al-Kik and other elite Lebanese stars.

Those who follow me, it is good to know that what is in my life I apologized for a role and then came out and said, “This role was for me”… although I do not find it wrong,…
Posted by Nicolas S. Mouawad on Sunday, January 23, 2022

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