No, nothing… Myriam Klink outperforms Mia Khalifa and sheds all her clothes in a scandalous manner!


The Lebanese model, Myriam Klink, caused a sensation on social media after a video clip of her while she was bathing inside her personal veil through her personal account on the Instagram application.

In the details, the model, Myriam Klink, posted a daring video clip via the “Story” feature on her personal account on the Instagram application, in which she appeared while she was bathing in her “jacuzzi” without her clothes.

And in the video, she appeared, caressing her body with soap without wearing her clothes inside the tub, and making movements full of boldness and indifference.

The video clip topped the search engines in the past hours because of its boldness in displaying its content through social networking sites without fear of anyone.

On the other hand, Myriam Klink always raises controversy in artistic circles because of her bold and somewhat shocking content through her personal account on the Instagram application.

It is worth noting that the model, Myriam Klink, became famous on social media in early 2016 after releasing an exhibition song entitled “Foot Al Joule”, which gained the highest views on the YouTube platform at the time because of the shocking sexual suggestions it contained.


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