North Korea says it launched two missiles from a train in the East Sea


North Korea says it launched two missiles from a train in the East Sea


North Korea said Saturday that its rail-based missile unit conducted a drill yesterday, with two tactical guided missiles hitting a specific target in the East Sea.

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North Korea launches two ballistic missiles

The official North Korean Central News Agency said that the goal of the exercises was to “verify and judge the actual combat capability of the railway-based missile unit in North Pyongan Province.”

The agency stated that the missile unit received the task of launching missiles in a short time from the General Staff on Friday morning before quickly moving to the training site and accurately hitting the designated target in the East Sea with two tactical guided missiles.

The agency said that the missile launch, which took place on Friday, “showed high maneuverability and a high success rate,” adding that discussions had taken place on “establishing a railway missile operating system throughout the country.”

The agency reported that commanders of the Korean People’s Army and senior officials of the Academy of Defense Sciences supervised the exercises, but it did not mention North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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North Korea officially confirms successful launch of hypersonic missile

For its part, the South Korean military said that the two missiles launched by North Korea on Friday flew about 430 km, at an altitude of 36 km, and at a maximum speed of Mach 6, six times the speed of sound. It is similar to the Russian “Iskander” ballistic missile.

This is the second exercise of its kind that North Korea has publicly revealed since its last exercise last September, and it is North Koreas third weapons test this month, after two successful tests of a hypersonic missile, according to what Pyongyang asserts.

The latest launches came after North Korea warned of a “stronger response” to the United States’ recent imposition of new sanctions on six North Koreans accused of their involvement in North Koreas weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs.

Source: “Yonhap” + AFP

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