Nuland: Washington prepared 18 scenarios to respond to the “Russian invasion” of Ukraine


Nuland: Washington prepared 18 scenarios to respond to...


US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said that the administration of US President Joe Biden has prepared 18 possibilities to respond in the event of a “Russian invasion” of Ukraine.

“In principle, I will not talk about the 18 different scenarios,” Nuland added, in an interview published today, Saturday, in the British “Financial Times” newspaper. “I will only say that we with allies are prepared to inflict severe pain quickly if Russia takes any step.” [عدوانية]”.

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Nuland: We are working with Berlin and Brussels to delay the launch of an operation

Nuland stressed that the sanctions imposed by the United States and European countries on Russia may differ from each other.

“Sometimes it is more difficult for us than in Europe to do some things, it is difficult for us, and sometimes it is the opposite,” she said.

Earlier, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, without providing any evidence, that the United States had “set” the timing of the Russian “invasion” of Ukraine. According to her, Moscow may invent the necessary pretext for such actions.

Russia has repeatedly denied having any plans to launch any “attacks” against Ukraine, and has rejected Western and Ukrainian accusations of that.

The Russian embassy in Washington described the White House’s statements regarding the timing of Russias “invasion” of Ukraine as misinformation, and considered it as media pressure.

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