Obscene wealth .. Find out how much wealth the star of the Tash Matash series (Fayez Al-Maliki) is!! .. You will not believe how much is the balance in the banks!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>No two would disagree that artists and actors from Saudi Arabia have such a large fan base that their work is sought after in all Gulf countries.

It is also no secret to anyone in Saudi Arabia and abroad about the charitable deeds and donations that comedian Fayez Al-Maliki is still doing, but there are many people wondering whether the acting profession is what made Fayez’s income through which he makes his alms and donations.

Actor Fayez Al-Maliki ranked second in Saudi Arabia, with a fortune of $6 million, but his fortune is not only from acting.

In an exclusive interview with the Saudi Press Agency, Fayez Al-Maliki revealed one of the most important sources of his income that allowed him to do charitable work through it. Fayez talked about his use of the system of a company operating in the Kingdom within the “Invest in Saudi Arabia” government project, which he said can transform anyone to financial freedom within only 3-4 months. Fayez Al-Maliki directed the Saudis to turn to this system and take advantage of this exceptional opportunity for the citizen himself and for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Maliki added, “I am by nature always looking for difficult challenges and jumping quickly to seize new opportunities wherever they are found without hesitation. My way of life and my way of living always makes me look for the appropriate income for myself and to help the needy. And now I see that it is time to share my strange experience with you. My main source for earning a lot From the money now, it is a new program in the largest companies within the project of the Crown Prince, may God protect him, “Invest in Saudi Arabia.”

What added to the astonishment of everyone who saw the video story on Instagram, which also appeared through the comments, is when Fayez Al-Maliki took out his phone and showed viewers how much money he earns through this new program, which became the talk of everyone in the Kingdom.

The artist continues: “For me it was also strange and even unbelievable when a close friend told me about this system. But after I saw for myself how much profit and how much he was making, I had to try the program myself.”

“I am glad that I made this decision and tried this system because it was the source of the most and easiest money I ever made in my life. I am talking about tens of thousands of riyals every day through an automated trading system. This system is literally the fastest way to make huge profits right now. But it won’t last For a long time when it gets to more people because the big banks won’t like it and will try to shut it down for good.”

After the spread of this news, the company faced a large and unexpected demand in the number of investors requesting to join the project, and the Saudi Press Agency officially learned that the registration would be closed within two days, and the two days passed and closed.


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