Oh the heart that died.. weeping words from an Egyptian father in lamenting his daughter


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An Egyptian father mourned his deceased daughter in the village of Kafr Shubra Zinji, affiliated to the Bajaur Center in Menoufia Governorate. His daughter was accompanied by her picture with words that evoked sadness and grief in the hearts of the pioneers of social networking sites, and she was accompanied by calls for the deceased for mercy and for her parents patience and solace.

Gamal Abdel-Hasib Ismail, who serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kafr Shubra Zinji Youth Center in Menoufia Governorate, had previously announced the death of his daughter, “Shorouk”, whose funeral was held yesterday after Friday prayers from a mosque in the village, according to the Masrawy website.

The girl’s father wrote: “Oh, the heart that died..Sunrise, six girls, I prefer to love you from silence, drink cigarettes outside of your bed, wear your clothes while you are sleeping, and lock the door from silence, and I prefer to teach every two months before the lectures are revealed, and the best blankets for you are your device and buy.” You have a Chinese set, and I always shave my hair and you are the only one who kisses me, don’t you know Mama knows that we made chips, think of me while we are going down, I keep getting you a Pepsi ball, you don’t chat at school and don’t play among the boys, and think of me, I sent you a picture of the birth certificate.. Oh, the heartache from His bitterness is a thousand and a thousand ah.. and he does not wake up from your dream.. except on the death certificate.

It is worth noting that the poem “Ya Hatta Al-Qalb Al-Mut” was written by the poet Hisham Al-Jakh, and he recited it in the elegy of his daughter “Juwayriyah”, who passed away in April 2013.


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