Oil and dead animals… the devastating Tonga volcano causes an “environmental disaster”


The Lima government indicated that the waves washed up seals, fish and dead birds ashore, while activities were suspended. the hunt in the region.

The government said about 6,000 barrels of oil The Spanish company, Repsol, leaked into the ocean last week near the La Pampila refinery, which the company blamed on unusual waves caused by a volcanic eruption in Tonga.

The company, “Repsol”, said that the process of removing the effects of the huge oil spill will take until the end of next February, according to “Reuters”.

The company indicated that it had hired fishermen to help remove the oil, without mentioning the extent of the spill, adding that it was still evaluating the impact of the accident.

The waters of the Pacific Ocean off Peru are an important source of life and seafood For the inhabitants of the South American country.

A new massive eruption of the “Honga Tonga” volcano was the talk of newspapers and international websites last weekend, after its repercussions reached hundreds of kilometers and led to “tsunami” waves.

Pictures showed satellite The spectacular eruption left by the volcano, Saturday evening, with plumes of ash, steam and gas billowing in the form of a mushroom nest over the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Researchers believe that the eruption of “Hunga Tonga”, which is located 65 kilometers north of Nuku Alofa, the capital of Tonga, is the largest volcanic event in 30 years.

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