“Omicron” and the unvaccinated…a study that undermines the prevailing belief


And the American “Bloomberg” agency reported that a study concluded that the injuries of “OmicronLess severe even among unvaccinated patientsCOVID-19‘ that causes corona virus.

A study conducted in the Western Cape province of South Africa showed that Mutant “Omicron” Less serious injury occurs compared to previous strains such as “deltaEspecially among those who did not receive the vaccine.

The researchers compared more than 11,000 patients in 3 waves that hit the county, the most recent of which was Mutant “Delta”, with more than 5,000 people infected with the omicron mutant.

The study, which has not yet been reviewed, focused on public hospitals in the province, and was led by Mary Ann Davies, a professor at the University of Cape Town.

The study found that 8 percent of people who were taken to hospital 14 days after being diagnosed were hospitalized or died as a result of the disease, during the “Omicron” wave, compared to about 16.5 percent during the previous three waves.

The study concluded that infections were less severe even with patients who did not receive the vaccine.

The results of the study add new evidence to the many evidence that “Omicron” is more contagious, but less virulent than before.

Previous studies and data in several countries showed that non-vaccinators face a greater risk of encountering “Omicron”, and also indicated that vaccinated people develop mild symptoms.

Earlier, I mentioned World Health Organization That the mutant “Omicron” is more dangerous to those who did not receive the doses of the vaccine.

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